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In 1955 we became one of Idaho’s first truck brokers. We have always been known as the “friendly truck brokers”. The longevity in our family based company instills the integrity and honesty that makes us strong in the industry.

Our team is the best of the best. We take pride in what we do and that shows in the service that we provide. Every load hauled is handled with the attention you deserve.

Our slogans have always been “Keep on Truckin’” and “Those who snooze lose”. We truly believe and stand by them.

If you have tried the rest…….then it is time for you to try the BEST!

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Magic Valley Truck Brokers Inc.

2906 S. Featherly Way Boise, Idaho 83709
Ph: 208-375-5677 Fax: 208-377-0956


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Looking to join a great team. Magic Valley has a position open for a broker please Call Wes or Deb and let them tell you about a great opportunity.

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Call Debbie @ 800-635-3053