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Wes Blaser

email: wes@magicvalleytruckbrokers.com Cell: 208-869-4946


Wes joined Magic Valley Truck Brokers, Inc on August 16, 1975 but had driven truck for 2 years for his folks. Not long after joining our company his dad, Gus, stepped down and said, you are in charge. Gus and Millie could see he was an asset for our company. He expanded our shipping lanes so we moved freight all over the United States not just on the West coast. He manages our company along with helping our brokers move freight. He will tell you he is a “Native Idahoan” (really his whole family is) He is very proud of Magic Valley Truck Brokers and will frequently say his greatest memories were working with his folks and Aunt Dee.

Debbie Blaser Hepworth
Accounting/Vice President/Secretary Treasurer

email: debbie@magicvalleytruckbrokers.com Cell: 208-866-6459


She was in the fashion merchandising program at Boise State University when her parents, Gus and Millie, asked her to join the family business. So on November 1, 1975, she became a worker at Magic Valley Truck Brokers, Inc. Not only is she Wes’s sister, Tami’s sister-in-law, she is the other 1/2 of the accounting department. She is married and has 4 grown children and 4 granddaughters who call her Nana! No grandsons 🙁 For fun she dances, four wheels, and finally will start snowmobiling again. Hard to imagine 30+ years have gone by but she believes she is where she was meant to be–and sometimes her friends call her “the trucker chick!!!”

Tami Blaser

email: tami@magicvalleytruckbrokers.com Cell: 208-859-1284


Tami worked at an onion shed for several years in the transportation department talking to Magic Valley on a daily basis. In 1992 she came in to “help” Debbie in the accounting department just temporary but never left. She is 1/2 of the accounting department. In 1993 she finally married Wes. Wes and Tami have one son named Dave. September 17, 2017 Tami will have been with the company over 25 years. She says it has been fun watching the company grow over the years and that it is a pleasure to work with her husband, his sister and a fantastic team. Tami and Wes are very active playing in the beautiful Idaho Mountains (4 wheeling, snowmobiling, and Wes, dirt biking). They have 3 active dogs and a cat that keep them really busy in the off hours. If you see them they most likely have one of their furry kids with them. The two of them are always working on something. Not too many idle moments in their world.

Jud Hackett

email: jud@magicvalleytruckbrokers.com Cell: 208-869-1247


He joined our team on May 19, 2004. What a plus for Magic Valley Truck Brokers. He was with a large company doing their transportation for over 16 years. He brings some corporate ideas to us, yet knows what works for the individual. Jud works with a level head and has good influence on our team. He is always willing to lend a hand to help. When he is not working with his customers on all sides you can find him running with his dogs, skiing, playing tennis, camping, listening to music or working out. He is married with 2 grown children and 2 grandchildren.

Gloria Martinez

email: gloria@magicvalleytruckbrokers.com Cell: 208-949-3074


We have had the privilege of working with Gloria for over 14 years as a shipper of ours on a daily basis. When she moved to Boise we were proud she asked us if we had an opening. Of course we said “Yes.” Gloria has been a great asset to our customers and Magic Valley Truck Brokers. She is bilingual and knows all sides of our business. We continually ask her what she thinks about this shipment or that problem and you can bet she will tell you and help. Gloria has been with Magic Valley Truck Brokers since August 2, 2006.

Tom Kaiser
Team Member

Email: tom@magicvalleytruckbrokers.com Cell: 208-869-4293


Tom Kaiser has been with Magic Valley since 2016. He had previously worked for us for 7 years. Tom has 20 years of experience in the transportation industry. He is married with 2 children, both in college at Idaho State. He loves spending time with his family, riding ATV’s, hunting, camping and spending time outdoors.

Krissy Lafferty
Team Member

Email: krissy@magicvalleytruckbrokers.com


Krissy Lafferty has joined our Magic Valley team as of November 19, 2020. She comes with a background of doing 911 dispatch for 15 years and most recently worked in dispatch for a trucking company. She comes with an upbeat positive attitude and looks forward to helping our truckers, shippers and customers. She has one son and two daughters. She loves outdoor activities. Paddle boarding and gym workouts are her favorite.

Millie Blaser
Co-Founder “Finally Retired”


Millie is still our guiding light on how we look at Magic Valley Truck Brokers and what we want for our customers. Gus passed away in 2009. Millie still comes in throughout the week just to ask who, what and why. Then says “get on the phone and get to work, you have customers to service!” She knows after all these years that taking care of your customers is how to stay in business and to keep those phones ringing!!!

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